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Royal Flush Havanese Review from J & J Conlin
Just wanted let you know that Elliot is doing wonderful and we absolutely love him.  He such a character and seems to worship the ground I walk on. He has turned into such a beautiful dog.  He loves to chase the pigeons in the park and soak up the sun while kids play on the swings.  Thank you for such a wonderful member of our family he is the best.  

Royal Flush Havanese Review from M. Johnson
I bought my havanese, Jack, from you in march 2008 and am very overdue in thanking you so much for our puppy!  he is the MOST loving, happy, silly dog both my husband and I have every met and had in 
our life times and we are SO grateful he is in our lives.  we thank you for him so very much and can't wait to buy our next havanese from you down the road. thank you again, your dogs made the best puppy in the world! best regards

Royal Flush Havanese Review from Lori
Just wanted to drop a line and send some new pics of the pups. They are doing great, I get so many comments and questions about them and the breed in general.  They certainly are living up to all my expectations. At 6 months old they are potty trained (using the jingle bell to ask to go outside) Don't ever let anyone say getting 2 together is too much, they play so well together and use up alot of there energy with each other.  Leaving our walks twice a day a real joy. Thanks!

Royal Flush Havanese Review from the Bradys
Just wanted to let you know that Brutus is great! We love him so much! He's such a cutie and it's so fun having him around! He's such a sweetie he greets everyone that visits and always wants to be  with us. Thanks so much for completing our family with this little love!!!

Royal Flush Havanese Review from CEC
Quick follow up on Chloe, she is doing great. She walked in the house on day one and decided that this is where she belong, no crying or anything, slept right through the first night. She is well on her way to being house trained, occasional accidents, but getting better everyday. She has the best personality, and has the whole family / house thing figured out. She loves the 4 kids, and Maureen who is not an animal lover is absolutely crazy about her.Thanks, again for everything. Chloe is a great addition to the family. Regards

Royal Flush Havanese Review from R.N. & B.N.
Nelson is one year old today.  What a wonderful companion and part of the family he has become.  
Everyone he meets falls madly in love with him--we worry someone will steal him away when we aren't 
looking. We have given your name to many people who want a puppy just like ours.We are back on the boat for the summer and Nelson is learning to be a great seaman, as per his name sake: Admiral Lord Nelson.  Buz rigged up a "fake lawn" on the forward deck, made out of synthetic golfing turf.  This works well for those first pees of the morning, allowing us to leisurely get ready to go ashore.  We are still working on the swimming, but he is safe in his personal life jacket when he needs it.  Even I don't like to swim in water that is still so cold.  He is trying to figure out what fishing is all about, but he loves birds.  He stalks and chases sea gulls on the beach at every opportunity.  He has never caught one yet, but he keeps trying.You might be interested to learn that our sweet brown and black baby dog has turned into a wheaten color dog with grey-tipped ears and tail.  Still very handsome!

Royal Flush Havanese Review from Karen
Belvedere is awesome!  We have fallen in love with him.  He is playful and sooooo snuggly.  Belvedere is so happy to see you when you walk through the door.  He has brought much happiness into our home.  Thanks!

Royal Flush Havanese Review from M.G.
We could not be happier!!!!! I know it's early on but we think we have the best dog in the world---He 
goes to bed with us at 10:30 - 11:00 and sleeps to 5 or 6 am , goes back into his crate until 
7:00 AM--no  whining--We are not only delighted with that but he is a joy to be with. I brought him 
to the Vet Friday and he was the hit of the day.There were at least 4-6 puppies there and he still 
was the winner without trying.

Royal Flush Havanese Review from S.M.
I just wanted to let you know how much we adore our Shelly!  She is the best dog in the whole world!  She's smart, super sensitive and a wonderful addition to our family!  It's been five years, but it feels like a life time!  She was/is truly a perfect fit!  Can't wait to get our next addition!This picture represents her typical pose....waiting for a belly rub! Thanks so much for doing what you do! Take care! 

Royal Flush Havanese Review from S.B.
Thought you might like to see how ROXY is doing!  she is fabulous and continues to delight us....her b
est trick is the dancing she does on her hind paws which she can do for minutes at a time.  we love her very much!  

Royal Flush Havanese Review from L.F.
Mango is adjusting beautifully to his new home.  We are crate-training, housebreaking, and teaching him his name and how the play fetch. The kids are having a ball with him.  We have had a few accidents, but not that many since I watch him like a hawk and have gotten pretty good at recognizing the signs for when he needs to relieve himself. 

Royal Flush Havanese Review from D.J.
Chico just turned 6 on March 5.  You know how crazy we are about him. He is amazing with people and all dogs.  He even likes cats.  At 6, he still plays like a puppy.  I take him everywhere I can (and some places I'm not supposed to!) 

Royal Flush Havanese Review from Paula & Steve
Steve & I just want you to know that Lola & Sofie are the love of our lives!!  They are the most affectionate dogs..Want to be with us  all the time    It was the best thing we did for ourselves finding you and your beautiful breed of dog.Sofie and Lola love us too !!! Best to you!

Royal Flush Havanese Review from The Swartz Family
Maggie, our black and white Havanese, is doing great.  She has a  wonderful personality and she is doing well with her potty training and her crate training.   Her vet well exams  and shots have all been  
very positive, she remains a very healthy pup.  You were very accurate when you said she would be 
playful and energetic but snuggly and calm too!  We are having a ball with her.  She loves to romp in 
the snow  and we laugh all the time when she brings in a pine cone and drops it on the ground for us like she has discovered a wonderful treasure!!!  Socializing her has been a breeze, she loves other people and kids and  whimpers when a passer-by does not pet her.  She is curious about other dogs but is cautious too!  All in all,  it's been a great few months.  Thank you for your loving care and for giving her such a  great start. All our best!

Royal Flush Havanese Review from J.
Just giving you an update on sweet little Bella!!!!  She got her first haircut 2 weekends ago.  They butchered her!!!!  Her body length is good, but they cut her face too short.  She is still adorable!!!! She is potty trained – using piddle pads.  I’m still going home during lunch for potty and walk.  It kills me to go back to work, but it makes the rest of the day!!  This week, I put up a gate to the spare room & spare bathroom and put her crate in there (open).  I covered a shoebox with a king size blanket so she can see out the window.  She has been an angel… keeping my fingers crossed.  We also started obedience school last Sat.  She was so good!!!!  She listened and was the cutest in the class (of 
course!).  She was the smallest too. Just wanted to give you an update to let you know she is doing GREAT.  She is still sweet.  She gets energy at night and has what I call “crack fits” – she just runs all around the apartment with a toy in her mouth.  Then she comes on the couch and snuggles. Thank you so much for her.  She is the absolute best!

Royal Flush Havanese Review from Linda B.
I wanted to update you on Banjo!  He is just super great!!  He is so, so sweet & lovable.  His color has 
changed a bit to a lighter, butter color with some dark tips. I started him in Puppy Classes.  The first 
class he was a bit shy--the other puppies were all huge--but now he plays like a big boy!  He even has a girlfriend--a Rottweiler named Tessi!! I warned her owners to watch out, Banjo hasn't been neutered yet!  Nothing like HavaRotts. Haha. My whole family is in love with Banjo, as is the whole neighborhood. 

Royal Flush Havanese Review from Susan F.
We are approaching our 3 year anniversary and I wanted to tell you how much we LOVE Ming..He is just the BEST dog.  He has become my second child.  He is so smart and sweet. In the summer we take him to the Cape and he loves running on the beach and riding on the boat.  I was never really a dog lover, but my daughter begged for a puppy so we chose the havanese and royal flush.Now I am the biggest dog lover....Thank you so much for finding us the Perfect addition to our family.

Royal Flush Havanese Review from Sue
She is really a wonderful puppy!!!!  Basil really likes her and they play together endlessly!  Lucy loves 
everybody! - family members and strangers alike!  But her favorite is definitely Basil - she always wants to be wherever Basil is and has learned a lot from her.  Basil does escape up onto the couch occasionally - but Lucy is determined to learn to jump on the couch by herself soon!  She is growing like a weed and will no doubt give Basil a run for her money before too long.  Having two Havanese is 
definitely twice the fun!! 

Royal Flush Havanese Review from Martha
I wanted to let you know what a great feature you have on your website that allows us to click on a 
photo to have it enlarged.  All the pups are so adorable.   Jim and I always catch each other viewing 
your dogs.  LOL  NO we can't get another dog!   We have so much fun with Missy and Mister who both have become the nicest dogs ever.Mister still is not excited to go in the car, but it is a necessity so he 
tolerates it--only on MY LAP!  He throws up if we try to put him in the back with Missy. That little black and white boy born in January--like Mister no one has taken him.  If he is as sweet as Mister people 
are missing out on a lot of fun and love! Keep up the great work!  We can't imagine our lives without these two "kids"!  7/1/11

Royal Flush Havanese Review from Minday & Rob
We've been meaning to write to you for some time now. Lola is the BEST! We truly adore her and at almost 6 months old she has settled in, is housebroken and well on her way to learning the basic commands... When our boys came home from College and met her, they could not stay away. She has also taken 1st place status and "Favorite Grandchild" award by the grandparents! My father wants to add her into his Estate Plans...LOL. As you might be able to guess from the photo, she loves playing with balls .....and the bigger, the better! I have never met such a happy dog, her tail always wagging and she just loves all people and of course, all other dogs and cats (no mater what their size))We hope you are well and that this past storm hasn't hit you too hard.......we are currently in Mexico and have been basking in the sun, far, far away from all of the white stuff! If it wasn't for missing Lola, I think we would stay all winter!!! Thanks again!

Royal Flush Havanese Review from Alanna
By the way, Rocky is doing absolutely wonderful! Him and Gigi get along so well they are the perfect playmates. I just have to tell you he is the sweetest dog in the world! he can just sit for hours while  you pet him. As for gigi she is doing so well. We all love them very much. Thank you!

Royal Flush Havanese Review from Suzy
An updated picture of Lola since she had her first haircut and lost so much of her black....she is doing great!!! an awesome pup! looks like her daddy I think.  7/11/11

Royal Flush Havanese Review from Monica
In a little over a week, our friend Raleigh, one of your former pups is going to be turning one!  In honor of his birthday, I wanted to pass along to you a few photos to give you a sense of how he adjusted to his new home and what he looks like now in all his glory.We really enjoy having Raleigh, and we are so happy that he has bonded well with us as his family.  He is a very proud dog, and likes to be in charge; such a big personality for a guy his size!  He really adores our Yellow Lab, Millie as you will see in one of the photos. He has added a lot of energy to the house and keeps us all on our toes.  We just love him! Hope you enjoy the photos and that this message finds you well. All the best.

Royal Flush Havanese Review from Suzy and family
Just an update on "Lola"- she is perfect! We adore her, so sweet, playful, and really has come out of her shell in the last 10 days! She likes to nibble my hands first thing in the morning and is really good with going outside to do her business!!. My kids cannot get enough of her especially by 6 yr old daughter who calls her a "teddy bear". My husband  calls her his "other" little girl and believe me has spoiled her already! Even my inlaws have been helping with walking her the days I work and they adore her as well. I have attached a few pictures of her and thanks again for such a wonderful puppy! 5/16/11

Royal Flush Havanese Review from Jennifer and Steve
We hope that everything is well with you!  I just wanted to update you on Monty, who has brought so much joy into our lives.  We have now had Monty for 7 1/2 weeks since we picked him up on March 26. He does so well at his vet appointments and attends Puppy Kindergarten at his vet.  He loves to go on walks and enjoys company!  He is not shy at all -he really loves kids, other dogs, and his grandparents.  I am sending some updated pictures of him. Thank you so much for raising such a wonderful puppy!
Thanks again. 5/18/11

Royal Flush Havanese Review from Marilyn
Benny is the funniest, sweetest and of course, cutest puppy ever!   Many people have asked me for your name and contact  information...Benny lost his first tooth yesterday, has learned how  to fetch, crawl from a down, walk on a loose leash and give  kisses....I am crazy about this pooch! Thank You.

Royal Flush Havanese Review from Jessica
Hello.  It's been a while since I've  written to tell you about Bella.  She is by far the best dog EVER!!! 
She is so sweet and so good.  We went to obedience school and she is good.  I don't practice a lot but she is still good. We still go for our daily walks.  She also goes to dog camp every now and then.  I get here there when it's bad weather so she can get her energy out and if I go for a day trip on a weekend.  
She loves is and is tired for 2 days!!  They have webcam so sometimes I peak in to see how she's doing.  She was so shy at first.  I brought her in recently and they asked me who she was!  She was crazy the entire time.  I think that was a lot of excited energy that it's nice out.  Here are some pictures. Don't worry - I don't dress her up but I needed a winter jacket that actually covered her belly b/c she gets snow balls.  She hates it.  She bites me when I put it on.  I took the hood off and she's better with it.  But, she still gets mad.  It's so funny!!!  Anyway, I just wanted to check in and let you know she is still as sweet  as ever and has a very good and spoiled life!!!  Lots of people that love and play with her.  Thank you so much!!!!  6/5/11

Royal Flush Havanese Review from Michele
Our new pup, Jackson, is doing very well!  When I took him to our vet, she was very impressed with his disposition and overall very vibrant health!  He took to our home right away... and is trying (without too much luck) to be-friend our cat! My boys love him.. and my husband became attached to him from the moment he met him at Royal Flush! He is crate trained and adapted very well to our life-style! Jackson is a real joy - thanks for everything!  6/22/11

Royal Flush Havanese Review from Sandy W.
I've been meaning to email you to let you know how well Molly and Maverick are doing.  They are now six months old.  Both are house-trained and puppy pad trained (which was a blessing during Irene!). They are crate trained and sleep in separate crates at night.  They love to be outside in the yard and to lay on top of my grandchildren's picnic table on the deck.  Both have been "fixed" and are up to date on their shots.  They have each been to the groomers twice.  The pictures I've included were right after the first trip to be groomed. When you posted Molly's picture on your website you said she was a real couch potato.  Not anymore!  She is a live wire and loves to wrestle with big brother Brinkley (I've also 
included a picture of the three of them).  She runs, jumps, pounces on Brinkley all the time.  The two of them love to race around the yard at top speed.  During the summer I had a wading pool in the back yard which was empty most of the time.  Molly and Maverick loved to jump in it, climb the stairs and slide down the slide.  Maverick is at least a pound lighter than Molly and is a real "mama's boy."  I can't sit down to watch tv without him in my lap or laying beside me.  He is usually the odd man out when 
they play or race around the yard, so he sticks close to me.  Getting two puppies turned out to be perfect -- Brinkley got a playmate who is as active as he is and I got my little dog to cuddle.Everyone who comes to visit loves them -- and some people come primarily to play with them!  My four-year-old twin grandchildren love to hold Molly and Maverick, who are very calm and gentle with the twins.
Havanese are a wonderful breed and I couldn't be happier with my two babies.Warmly.  9/26/11

Royal Flush Havanese Review from Chris and Cathy
We have been the proud parents of Zoey and Oreo since May and we couldn't be happier.  They have been a wonderful addition to the family.  They are smart and easy to train.  Happy and playful they make us laugh all the time, and they have been great with the grandchildren too.  Zoey is loveable and will give hugs and kisses, while Oreo is happy just sitting on your lap all day if you will let him.  They love meeting new people and make new friends quick, there temperament is calm and friendly not barking or fearful.  We have people ask us all the time about the breed and they see how well they behave.  Thank you so much for the work you do with your dogs, the proof is in your puppies. 11/3/11

Royal Flush Havanese Review from K & D Pepin
Kathy and I love our little Joey. As he reaches his first birthday, we thought we'd provide you with some feedback. Joey is not only a brut, as you predicted, at 15 pounds but he is also extremely smart, unafraid of anything (our pet sitter calls him a big dog in a small package), plays with the big guys, doesn't bark and obeys us at almost every command (he sometimes gets distracted by the surroundings). What a great joy it is to have him as part of our family! 

Royal Flush Havanese Review from Mines Family
Mango is fabulous!!! We love him so much. He is almost 2 ( as you know Dec 25th!!) and is as livley as ever. I am attaching a picture of him! Best wishes!

Royal Flush Havanese Review from Tracy 
Patch is the sweetest little dog.  Ryan thinks of him as his "little brother".  He just loves him so much, as we all do.  Potty training is going pretty well.  He's a stubborn little dog but he's so sweet. Hope you like the pictures.  As you can see from the picture, Ryan wanted Patch to come trick-or-treating with him. Everybody got a kick out of the two of them dressed as pirates.  We're having so much fun!  We're so glad we found you!!!!

Royal Flush Havanese Review from Holly 5/31/11
This is Holly from Charlestown, MA.  I bought two female pups from you.  The first is Delta, she was born August 19 2010 and the second, Maya born Sept 21 2010.  They have been the joy of our lives this past winter and now.  They are great dogs.  Healthy, well behaved, loving and they love attention.
Where ever we take them they are the center of attention whether they solicit it or not.  I'm attaching two pics.  Both very recent. Take it easy.

Royal Flush Havanese Review from Patti 12/15/11
Hello and Happy Holidays!  I hope all is going well on your end.  We are doing great and wanted to send a quick update on Owen.  He has changed so much!  He has doubled his weight and is now 8lbs.  He is such a happy puppy and we absolutely adore him!  He is definitely Mommy's boy and doesn't let me out of his sight!  I have attached a few new pictures.  He has been to the groomers twice-his hair sure does grow fast!  He has also lost a lot of his black and it has come in so much lighter.  He is simply beautiful! I was wondering what exactly I should be feeding him. Should he still be eating 3 x's a day or only 2?  How much should I be feeding him-still a 1/4 cup or more. He loves cheese and bananas and I know they are safe options.  Do you suggest anything else? I look forward to hearing from you.  Have a beautiful holiday season!  

Royal Flush Havanese Review from Jennifer and Steve 9/14/11
I hope that this email finds you well!  I am sending another update on our wonderful puppy, Monty!  He will be 9 months old next week, on 9/22/11, and I cannot believe that we picked him up from you 6 months ago. We always knew that he was very loving and sweet, but through his training classes, we have learned that he is incredibly smart!  He has been through three different levels of training now -Puppy Kindergarten, Intermediate Class, and currently, Advanced Class.  He is taking his basic commands and using them in challenging situations.  For examples, he will sit and wait from a distance, allow me to walk back to him, and on command, I can tell him where to go in the house to sit next.  Monty has also done a bit of traveling.He lives in CT and has been to RI, MA, and VT this summer!  He enjoys socializing and using his knowledge from class in new environments. I wanted to let you know that I am so impressed with everything that you do to raise your puppies - they are so smart and personable!  I will continue to update you in the next few months!

Royal Flush Havanese Review from Ovie Jenkins
I'm Ovie (my brothers named me after a hockey player because they play hockey all the time.) and im a year old now, and you sold me to the best owners any puppy could ever have! I have two brothers, a sister and a mommy and a daddy. Who all love me very, very much. Over the summer I went down the cape with my family and they took me to the beach and I dug and I dug and I dug until I hit the cold sand because it was really hot. But my sister Emily would not let me go in the water because it was to 
rocky, i didn't really care though because my cousin played with me and chased me around the whole beach! i had such a great time! when are vacation was over and my family took me back home, and a few days later, i met my neighbor Penny who became my best friend in the whole world! she is just like me because she is also a havanese but she is only 4 months old and she is a cream color. we love to play chase in the back yard, go on walks, eat are favorite treats together, and take naps once were done. (My sister takes me down there almost everyday. )When I was a little, little puppy I did not like baths at all! But now that I get them all the time I don't really mind them to much. I get brushed every night before bed and it feels really, really good and it makes me sleepy. I am so happy with my home and I couldn't ask for anything better!!! Hope you liked my st

​Royal Flush Havanese Review from Melanie H 1/23/12
Bailey will be 1 on the 26th. Thought u would like to see how gorgeous he is! We absolutely love him...and spoil him every day.  

Royal Havanese Review from MK 1/24/13


We love the new website. This note is long overdue. We thought you would enjoy this photo of our now "senior citizen". Champ turned 9 yesterday. We drove 1,300 miles so he could spend 2 months in FL with us and we found a wonderful groomer who has experience with Havanese. He adjusted beautifully to a strange house and loves his daily 3 mile walks. He is happy, healthy and the love of our lives. We get endless compliments on his easy going temperament and how smart he is. He has us well trained. Thanks once again for the wonderful dogs you breed and the unconditional love brought to our lives

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